4 Simple Ways to Improve Yourself Inside and Out

June 8, 2013

Lifestyle5Taking care of your body means working on both the outside and inside. Here are four tips to help you support and improve your health:

1. Move more. Many people have a 9 to 5 job which involves eight hours of sitting down. The body is not designed to sit all day so try to incorporate some walking and other movement.

2. Drink water, and plenty of it. Aim to drink half your weight in water to keep you hydrated and healthy. Add some splashes of citrus or fruit to improve the flavour.

3. Snack smart. It is important to have frequent small meals to keep your energy up and avoid cravings. Make sure snacks are healthy choices that include protein, fibre and healthy fat.

4. Keep it healthy. Outside of snacking, make sure your main meals have protein, fibre and healthy fat too. For example, a breakfast of eggs, oats, a smoothie or fruit and nuts is a great choice.